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A Modern Home Search

When most people begin their search for a new home, they generally have a pretty decent idea of what they’re looking for. They know how much space they need in order to be comfortable. They know how many bedrooms and bathrooms they want. They know the parts of town they prefer. And most of the time they know the style they’re looking for.  Part of the challenge which keeps my job ever-changing is helping my clients find their perfect space. No two clients are the same.

I also happen to love architecture, most especially modernist design. From Art Moderne to Mid-Century Modern, and from Contemporary to Post Modern...that’s the stuff that makes me drool. And when I get to help clients who have an eye for something a little different, my job is that much more fun.

Recently, my friends Lalita and Garland approached me and asked if I could help them find a home. Let me start by saying that these friends and I are somewhat like-minded. We all understood that we weren’t really “normal,” that we’re kind of “misfits,”  and that we collectively might have a full deck. And we like homes with a funky quirk and a good vibe.

We all knew that once we found the perfect home, there wouldn’t be a question about it.  After several weeks and a number of near misses, the search was looking less and less hopeful. We’d found a few homes that they had liked, but perhaps the square footage wasn’t right, the bathrooms weren’t configured to their liking, or the home lacked the fireplace they really wanted. But...patience is key when you’re waiting for the right thing.

Then it happened. Seemingly out of nowhere…THE home…and a “For Sale by Owner” sign. Though working for a buyer and negotiating directly with a seller has a huge set of challenges not in place when I’m dealing with another agent, I knew my clients would love it and should go after this one.

From the outside, it had an understated 1950’s design, yet had terrific modernist characteristics. A one-owner home on a splendid lot with a walkout basement, gorgeous cork flooring, post-and-beam constructed living room with those huge expanses of glass my clients were looking for, and obviously loved meticulously. I was able to contact the owner so my friends could tour the home. They fell in love with it instantly, and after a few days of tense negotiations, we arrived at a set of acceptable terms. A few weeks later my clients were the proud owners of a spectacular Mid-Century Modern home in Devonshire.