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Mid-Century Modern Mania

Ahhh, the sights, sounds and smells of Spring are definitely upon us. When Mac and I take our morning walk, we're greeted by the songs of cardinals and robins. The lilies and crocuses and daffodils are peeking through the soil. And the acidic stench of freshly scattered mulch burns a hole right through my septum.

I love it!

One thing that always gets me excited is that I have the opportunity to see new Mid-Century Modern homes as they start to trickle onto the market. Many folks have been furiously working away all winter to get their places into shape for the Spring and Summer selling season. From bathroom and kitchen renovations to lighting installations and floor refinishing, this is the time of year that some of these terrific homes find their way onto the market.

For those of you who adore Mid-Century Modern design and may be wondering how to handle some of these projects, you're very fortunate in that a plethora of resources are available to assist you in making good decisions.

Atomic Indy is Indy's ground zero for Mid-Century Modern Design and Architecture. It's quickly growing into a national treasure of information, connection, collaboration and fun! Baz & his wife Jax purchased their first home - a really sweet MCM on Indy's East side - a couple of years ago and have been having the time of their lives undoing some horrible "updates," adding flair of their own, and growing a solid community of like-minded people in the region. Mad props to them both.

Save The Pink Bathrooms is the brainchild of Pam Kueber. She also runs Retro Renovation, a terrific resource for all of your mid-mod concerns. I am particularly impressed with her undying commitment to maintaining the historical integrity of these homes.

Have a great Spring!

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