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Home for the Holidays


8 Reasons Why it Makes Perfect Sense to Sell Your Home in Winter.

At MacDuff Realty Group, we don't buy into the hype that nobody sells houses over the Holidays or during bad weather. We've shown houses on every single day of the year except Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day. Yes, we've given tours on Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve, New Years Day, Easter Day, Mothers Day...and every other holiday on the calendar.

Here are some thoughts on taking advantage of this Winter Holiday selling season.

1. Decorated homes show very well. You're selling a home, not just a house. With decorations, lights, candles, the wonderful smells of garlands and cookies, and a warm fire, this is the PERFECT time of year to show how cozy and comfortable your home can be.

2. Less competition. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy. Many people think that nobody lists or buys homes in the Winter, so they choose to wait until something like "Spring." Use that to your advantage. With less competition, you have a much better chance of standing out from the crowd.

3. Buyers are MOTIVATED. Let's face it, anyone who is willing to brave harsh wind, blowing snow and sheets of ice isn't looking for decorating ideas. They're serious about looking and highly motivated to buy. Give them something to love.

4. Vacation means more time to look. When folks have days off, they're likely to be able to schedule showings with their family. That limits those "I want to come back a second time with my spouse" calls. Use those showings as your opportunity to present the house to the Buyer's entire crew!

5. Internet searches surge. There's nothing like curling up to a fire with your laptop, a mug of cocoa and Zillow. During this time of year, online searching for real estate spikes. If you're not listed on the top search portals, you'll not be found. At MacDuff Realty Group, we make sure to provide our Seller clients with professional photography, listings on all the top internet search portals, and a team of dedicated professionals who'll take calls no matter the time of year.

6. Holiday cheer means happier transactions. Maybe it's the chocolate, or perhaps the prospect of getting new socks. Whatever the reason, people seem happier and more likely to work together pleasantly on a real estate transaction. There's no better stocking stuffer than a sold house!

7. Relocations often happen at this time of year. Corporations often target this time of year to move their employees. It gives families time during breaks to get kids situated in new schools, unpack boxes, and relax in their new home before things kick back into gear after the New Year. And those relocation Buyers often pay a premium to work a deal during this break time. If you're waiting until March, you'll miss those opportunities.

8. YOU HAVE A BETTER CHANCE OF SELLING. You read that right. Sales data confirms that you stand a better chance to sell at higher price and in a shorter amount of time during what your competition thinks is the worst time of year to sell. During Winter, (December 21 - March 21), homes sell 7 days faster and at a 1.2% higher price than other times of year. The data doesn't lie.

We'll wait for Spring if you want, but we're ready to go to work for you NOW.

We hope you have a terrific holiday filled with family, fun and good cheer!

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