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What's Pie Got To Do With It?

It's rather interesting to me how one Twitter question can turn into a weeks-long quest to re-create the regionally famous, often imitated, never duplicated Sugar Cream Pie recipe that my Grandmother made.

Several weeks ago, I was chatting on Twitter with a few friends, and the topic of pie came up. I was immediately thrust back into my childhood, and the taste memory of my grandmother's pie came flooding back to me.

Immediate. Obsession.

The calls went out to family members who had the recipe. I asked about the finest details. Did she cook on a baking sheet or not? Butter or margarine? Electric stove? Convection or regular?

After a few tries, I knew I was getting close to perfection. Thanks to some brave volunteers who risked their lives sampling my baking finery, I worked through the kinks and have finally arrived at what I believe is a pie as good as my grandma's.

My frequent readers may again be asking, "What in the world does this have to do with real estate?"

Not much...unless you consider your house your home. The place where memories are made and recipes are shared. My home is a fertile testing ground for all sorts of ideas. I make art here. I bake here. I run a real estate company from my basement. I've got stacks of guitar gear and percussion instruments for noise-making. And my kitchen is sometimes converted into a tie dye factory, churning out piles of outrageously gorgeous material.

What's your house for, and how can I help you make it your home?