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Why I Shoot Photography: Indiana Real Estate

Many of my friends and associates know I have a little obsession with photography. I shoot it. I admire it. I emulate the good stuff as much as I can. You can each come to your own conclusion about my relative success at capturing moments in time, but I’m sure having fun with it.

Some have asked, though, how my time spent taking photos of people, places and things enhances my chosen career, that of a Real Estate professional.

There is that old saying: a picture is worth a thousand words. In the current real estate economy, how a property is portrayed in both online and offline media is vitally important in helping Buyers, Tenants and Investors make their decisions about which property to pursue.

All of the statistics we can gather support a few simple ideas. Bad photos don’t compel people to inquire about property. No photos on a listing gets the property ignored completely. Good photos help. Great photos - and lots of them - keep prospects engaged and drive requests for more information.

Whether it’s a condo or a trailer, a warehouse or an office space, a custom home or a tract home, each property needs to be presented to prospects in a way which compels them to want to know more about it. 

My hope and belief are that my random photographic excursions to things like Social Media Breakfasts, Irvington Green Hours and Bacon Tweetups accomplish three things: a) I get to practice using one of my marketing tools; b) I get to talk to prospects for properties I list; and c) I get to interact with people of all sorts and hear what they are thinking about real estate in general.

I’ve shot a lot of stuff over the last few years. It’s mostly garbage, but some of it is really beautiful. Happy accidents. And hopefully I’ve continued to refine my craft, adding an extra bit of visual interest to my clients’ property listings.

As always, if I can answer any questions related to real estate, please don't hesitate to call or email. You can reach my by phone or text at 317-413-8501. My email is