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This post has absolutely nothing to do with real estate, and everything to do with why I love living in this city. I have the opportunity to experience the creative excellence of some of the most wonderfully talented people on the planet.

Make no mistake: Indianapolis is a hotbed of cutting edge design, fashion, photography, architecture and local cuisine. Sure, there's still a lot of dreck. But it's spots like the one below that make me proud to be a Hoosier.

You guys ROCK!

Doritos - "The Collector" Crash the Super Bowl V1 from Mays Entertainment, LLC on Vimeo.

Director: Matt Mays
Writers: Ken Honeywell/Matt Mays
DP: Bill Baker, Hi Def Pics
Gaff: Scott Davis
Grip: Julie Mills

Kipp Normand as Emilio DeChamplain
Nikki Sutton as The Lady
Scott Woolgar, Mark Need, Josie Jeffries and Jenny Walton as Mr. DeChamplain's assistants.