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Getting Your House Ready For Winter

Winter's almost here, so it's time to be thinking about settling into your home and bracing for the cold rain and snow.

Just a few tips that might help out a bit:

1. Hire a Licensed Home Inspector to do a full inspection. Putting a fresh set of eyes on your place - not to mention taking a look at the places you'll never go (crawl space, attic, etc.) - will give you a measure of confidence that there aren't any little problems lurking around waiting to turn into big problems. Little water penetrations in an attic space can become massive headaches when they decide to become big water leaks.

2. Change your furnace filters every month. Between increasing the quality of your indoor air and extening the life of your HVAC system, there's really no excuse for not keeping that filter changed.

3. Flush your water heater. Especially in Indiana with our notoriously hard water, these appliances have the tendency to collect sediment at an alarming rate. If you don't know how to flush the filter yourself - or aren't comfortable doing so - hire your favorite handy man or handy woman to do the work for you. Plumbers can do it, too, but they tend to be very expensive for what amounts to opening a water value and then shutting it off.

4. Clean out your gutters. Though the leaves have just started falling, it's never too soon to get a start on this most unsavory task. Clean gutters mean less likelihood that you'll suffer from ice dams, roof leaks, frozen downspouts and various other icky things you'd rather not deal with when it's minus 4 degrees outside.

I hope you're having a great fall season, and don't hesitate to call or email if I can help in any way!